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Wednesday, April 3rd 2013, 12:25pm

Community Guidelines

  1. No, you cannot name your account like that -.-“

    You can only have one account on the board, and your username shouldn’t be offensive. In case you share IP with someone else, please, inform us or you may get your account banned for multi-account.
    If you get banned and you come up with the “brilliant” idea of creating a new account to bypass the block, you are gonna have a baaaad time.

  2. Like a gentleman

    Respect, politeness and courtesy... Whenever you post, keep these three things in mind. Be constructive, discussions are normal and everyone can have a different opinion, just keep it polite! Profanity and insults
    are absolutely out of place for a gentleman!
    You should also be careful with the contents your post, sexual, racist, political, religious, illegal and/or offensive content is not allowed and will be removed from our board.

  3. Trolls – no vacancy

    We don’t mind coyotes, rattlesnakes, white rabbits or fluffy bunnies. But trolls? Nope, thank you. Posting with the intention of provoking other users will cause the mod teams to slap you with their lassos and
    bind you to the torturous pile, and yes, it hurts. Oh wait…
    Let’s go back to “Like a sir” and be respectful towards others.

  4. Your argument is invalid

    During discussions you can always refer to other people’s arguments, but personal attacks are forbidden, same as calling names, harassing, threatening, humiliating or any other offensive action towards others.
    By attacking someone in order to prove your point or trying to convince the rest that you are right, you only show that your argument is invalid.
    Also, this is the forum of a game. Offtopic discussions are allowed in the specific section.

  5. No flipping tables here...

    If you are about to rage on the boards about your game account being banned, well... not gonna work. Discussing bans on the boards isn’t quite helpful, so get that rage focussed on the ticket system. Also, you
    may want to be sure to check again the rules and T&Cs before complaining about your ban, you may have done something wrong. So put that table back, and send us a ticket to support.

  6. What if I tell you…?

    That you don’t need to be rude to criticize? There’s something called constructive criticism, use it. When you don’t like something, you can always express it, but give your reasons and explain why, that way it’s
    easier for you to achieve what you would like to see changed.
    Flaming and provoking only will cause to the regular banning steps … well, you already know that.

  7. We all love spam!

    In the spam section of course, and the good spam by the way. Please, keep it only there, spamming other threads and sections makes it hard to find what you are looking for and turns a specific discussion into
    multiple random off-topic never-ending chats.